Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions
  1. SampahLink is a website/application that provides a range of services for processing trash by linking users with SampahLink Troops (scavengers and collectors).
  2. Only dry waste that is still valuable and recyclable (i.e. paper, newspapers, bottles, plastic, used electronics, etc.) will be accepted.
  3. SampahLink does not accept wet trash, styrofoam, wood and other trash that are unrecyclable or  have no selling values. SampahLink Troop will sort trash and take trash that is deemed acceptable.
  4. SampahLink will not accept trash that are not sorted according to type of trash.
  5. Parties that use SampahLink services are the legal owners of the trash/items that are going to be donated or sold. Trash that are/will be managed are not stolen things or  illegal things.
  6. SampahLink will not accept demand for services other than donation of trash or the buying/selling of trash. Examples of services not accepted include: asking SampahLink Troops (scavengers/trash collectors) to clean, asking SampahLink Troops to pick up the trash that are not included in the acceptable type of trashes according to SampahLink terms and conditions.
  7. SampahLInk does not employ scavenger/trash collectors and will not be responsible for all the actions/misconducted actions done by them. SampahLink is only a platform that links trash owners with SampahLink Troop (Scavengers/trash collectors), therefore transaction in trash management depends on the agreement between user of SampahLink application with scavengers/trash collectors in SampahLink Troop.
  8. SampahLink user will have treat the scavengers/trash collectors with respect and will not do any actions that infringe the law including insulting/harassing the scavengers/trash collectors.
  9. The particulars/detail SampahLink users will be used in the processing SampahLink services. There is possibility that phone number or address will be kept/saved by SampahLink Troop.
  10. Transactions between SampahLink users and SampahLink Troop such schedule, type of transactions, prices, and other things related to the transactions, are fully dependent on the agreement between SampahLink user and SampahLink Troop
  11. SampahLink does not charge any fee to SampahLink users nor to SampahLink Troop on the usage of SampahLink website/application for trash management.
  12. SampahLink users admit and agree that any risk that may arise the usage of the SampahLink website/application is not SampahLink’s responsibility and will fully release SampahLink from any claim/compensation.