Our Team


Moses Mayer

Founder and President of SampahLink

Moses Mayer, born in 2002, have demonstrated his talent in problem solving and numbers since he was young. He started participating and excelling in math competitions/olympiads since he was 9 years old when he obtained his international medal in a math competition at Beijing, China. Since then, Moses has participated in numerous national and international math olympiads, including: medals in the National Science Olympiad for Mathematics in both the Junior high school category and the high school category, representing Indonesia's national math olympiad team in international olympiads at Romania, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Kazakhstan and other countries. Moses have also shown his passion in computer coding and informatics and is currently pursuing his passion in a competitive level.

Moses would like to use his passion for mathematics and computer science to contribute to the society. He started conducting research under the guidance of Prof. Carl Yerger from Davidson College in 2017 on how Game Theory - a mathematical model - can be used to solve Indonesia’s pollution problem. This research inspired Moses to create “SampahLink”, a social organization aimed to increase recycling to reduce pollution as well as supporting scavengers in Indonesia. Moses used his skills in computer science to create the SampahLink website and SampahLink application.

Moses’s passion for social endeavors and for math and the sciences led him to accept his current position as CEO of DeltaLab, a social project that introduces STEM to local children in Indonesia through STEM related activities.This passion also lead Moses to participate events such as TedxJIS, “Why STEAM” at @americana (affiliated with the US embassy in Indonesia) etc. as a speaker on how mathematics can be applied to help increase living standards for low-income citizens.

Currently, Moses is still active in mathematic and computer science olympiads. He will be participating a research program in the United States on summer 2018 to find more ways on how his passion can contribute to the society.


Gabriella Gwen

Co-Founder and Vice President


Wie Tjio

Outreach Director


Akhmad Rondhi

SampahLink Troop Jakarta Area Representative


Mohammad Mustaqin

SampahLink Troop West Java Area Representative