About SampahLink

SampahLink is a non profit organization created to combat the growth of pollution and landfills by increasing the level of recycling. Inspired to act against the low levels of recycling in Indonesia, we have decided to connect households with recyclable waste to scavengers who can sell that waste to recycling plants. We also aim to empower scavengers by providing them with more means of obtaining a steady income.
SampahLink was started by a student passionate in computer science and mathematics, who was inspired to utilize his skills in these fields to create a better life for the less privileged in our society. As a non-profit organization, SampahLink provides the following services:

1. SampahLink.com website and SampahLink application
These platforms serves to create a link between those who have waste (be it households, firms, individuals, organizations, industrial facilities, and many more) and trash scavengers and collectors whose income is based on how much trash they are able to collect. As a result, a mutually beneficial solution is made available to both parties. Those who possess trash are able to either donate or sell their trash, so that their dry waste can be processed in a manner safe for the environment. What was once considered trash will also be valuable: it becomes a means to donate to others or to gain more money.
Scavengers and collectors also benefit from the SampahLink platform. They will have better access to sources of dry waste, hence increasing their income and allowing for a better quality of life. The platform is also completely free, hence incurring no costs on the user.

2. SampahLink provides a solution to the handling of dry waste, hence contributing towards the global and local aim of reducing pollution.

3. SampahLink raises funds to support activities and programs that aim to create a better environment and quality of life. These programs include:
Activities to reduce pollution such as increasing awareness of recycling, coastline cleaning, waterway cleaning, etc.
Activities to improve the quality of life for scavengers and the underprivileged, in ways such as funding for child education, skill training for adults, campaigns to highlight the importance of education, funding for health, and others.
Funding for tools such as carts and bikes, phone, etc for scavengers, such that they are able to increase their carrying capacity. This funding can be done in the form of a low-interest microfinance loan, wherein the interest obtained will be used yet again towards improving their quality of life.

Funds will be raised through the following methods:
Sponsors and donators
Marketplace@SampahLink: This marketplace will be a platform for those who have recyclable goods to sell their goods online. SampahLink will charge a small fee for sales through Marketplace@SampahLink, which will then be used for our social activities.
Fundraising events such as mathematics classes, computing classes, recycled goods auctions, trash collection and sale events, and other creative activities aimed at raising funds for our cause.