Frequently Asked Question

  • Is there any fee that will be charged to SampahLink users?

    SampahLink does not charge any fee to the users of SampahLink website and application, nor to the scavengers in SampahLink Troop. SampahLink is a non-profit organization with social mission to empower the underprivileged and to create a better living environment.

  • What kind of trash that will be managed by SampahLink?

    SampahLink accepts dry waste that is still valuable and recyclable such as paper, newspapers, bottles, plastic, metal, used electronics,etc


  • What is SampahLink Financing?

    SampahLink Financing procures funds for scavengers to increase their waste collection capacity by financing capital such as wagons, bicycles, telephones etc., thereby improving their living standards. This assistance include microfinancing with low interest, where interest earned will be used for social activities that improve the life of the scavengers community, such as skills training, children's education etc.


  • What is SampahLink Troop?

    SampahLink Troop is a scavenger / collector who joins and aligns himself with SampahLink. SampahLink does not employ SampahLink Troop (collectors / scavengers) and is not responsible for any of their actions or risks associated. SampahLink is only a platform to connect users to SampahLink Troops to process and recycle trash.


  • What does it mean to sponsor SampahLink?

    Sponsors are parties that support SampahLink in SampahLink/s social mission through cash donations or other mean

  • How do you use SampahLink‚Äôs website?

    Visitors to the SampahLink website can view data on SampahLink Troops from the menu "donate trash" or the menu "sell trash". To contact or use the service of a SampahLink Troop, visitors to the website must use the SampahLink application. The SampahLink application will connect the SampahLink user to a SampahLink Troop randomly.


  • How do you use SampahLink's application in managing your trash?

    Users of SampahLink can find a SampahLink Troop by inserting their location in the application. The application will the connect the user to a SampahLink Troop randomly, and users can then directly contact the SampahLink Troop, decide whether they would like to donate or sell their trash, and decide on when the SampahLink Troop will collect the trash, the type of trash, amount of trash, price of trash etc.


  • How do you become a SampahLink Troop?

    To become a SampahLink Troop, go to the SampahLink website to the menu function “Sign up now as a SampahLink Troop” and send your email address to us using this function. Another option is to contact us through our contact details in our contact us page.


  • How do you become a SampahLink sponsor?

    Parties that are interested in supporting SampahLink as a sponsor can go to the menu function “Sign up now as Sponsor” and send your email address and phone number to SampahLink through that function. SampahLink will then contact you for more details.